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StackView® preserves stored crop quality and saves power. Easily monitor the temperature and humidity of crops via desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

What, why and how

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What, why and how

A multifunctional tool for both desktop, tablet and smartphone

Wireless temperature and humidity gauge for grain, seeds, soil, potatoes, and more. Includes antenna, battery, SIM card, software updates, data storage, and support.

In the harvested crop, every single grain or seed is a living organism. The crop must remain alive, if it is to maintain quality. By quality is meant nutritional value and germination ability. Nutritional value and germination are preserved when the grain is monitored and processed correctly in the warehouse. The monitoring must include temperature and physical control. Temperature because all causes of deterioration in quality cause temperature rise in the crop. Physical control includes the use of senses as smell, visual, sensation and hearing. The crop should smell fresh and freshly harvested. The visual control includes e.g. color germination and vegetation, control of insects, mites and fungi. While walking in the grain, you feel if the crop is fresh. By sinking into the crop you can hear it making noise (rattling) when you walk in it.
With StackView, the quality of the measurement (validity) is better than with manual measurement, as the manual measurement requires a high degree of care that the thermometer is acclimatized for each individual measurement. StackView stays in the crop and takes the temperature uniformly with each measurement.
Energy costs have risen in recent years, underscoring the importance of minimizing power consumption to keep crops healthy in storage. If the temperature rises unnecessarily before you discover it, it takes a lot of energy to cool the crop and perhaps not under the optimal weather conditions. Likewise, there are major savings in completing the cooling as soon as the crop has cooled and stockpiled.
If the crop warehouse is insured, it is in many cases possible to achieve savings on the insurance premium, as the daily temperature monitoring of the warehouse ensures quality and minimizes fires.
StackView meets the Fire Authorities' requirements for temperature monitoring of biobulk warehouses.
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