About Care4Farm

Who is Care4farm?

Care4farm ApS is a company with more than 10 years of experience. We are a supplier of tools and software for monitoring warehouses in agriculture and bio bulk industry. We supply products for monitoring temperature, humidity and content in bio bulk warehouses, in silos and tanks. We deliver to customers throughout Europe.

"Care4farm was started because I, as a farmer myself, have learned that monitoring stored crops is important in terms of quality and costs."

Care4farm stands for integrity, teamwork and reliability

We seek coherence in values, methods, agreements, actions and results. We participate in teams where the contribution goes both ways and where we innovate for results. We take responsibility and are reliable.

Our history

After a business career at Lego and then as a farmer for 20 years at Bjergegaard in Rebæk near Kolding, I founded Care4farm in 2011. In collaboration with Jan Nørskov in Care4all, we adapted a slurry alarm with brackets for slurry tanks, which by law had to have an alarm installed. We sold quite a lot, but it was not fun to sell something, that was required by law and otherwise had no particular value for the farmer. Furthermore, we knew that we were quickly saturating the market with the statutory alarms and therefore we had to come up with something new. We felt for wireless monitoring of grain, seed and rapeseed stocks in agriculture. Already at our first participation at fairs, it turned out that our wireless temperature probe was interesting for several applications. Therefore, many farmers acquired the spear for grains and seeds as well as for potato balls, measuring soil temperature and much more. Soon the bio bulk industry became also our customer and since then shipping and bulk goods terminals has become our second core business, too. We develop and adapt our products, that all are wireless monitoring.

Our vision

Care4farm's vision is to be the preferred and most valuable partner for monitoring biological stocks.

Our mission

Monitoring of stored agro- and biobulk products through simple wireless monitoring.

Niels Bjerre