Superb and simple tracking device for monitoring your tools, machines and equipment.


Tænd GPS-modulet for at øge præcisionen. F.eks. i tilfælde af tyveri kan ejendelen lokaliseres med få meters nøjagtighed.
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Hold øje med temperaturen (f.eks. i lagerhallen eller sommerhuset), og få tilsendt en alarmbesked ved markante skift i temperaturen.
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Lommy Eye er bygget til at kunne modstå skrappe vejrforhold. Det formstøbte plastkabinet med vandtæt forsegling muliggør anvendelse i fugtige og våde miljøer.
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Incl. antenna, battery, sim card, software update, data storage, support

EquipmentView® is a small battery-powered device that can be hidden on your tools, machines and equipment you want to monitor and possibly track in the event of theft or loss.
No assembly, wiring or connection required - it's easy and simple!

Price for EquipmentView®

1.990 DKK

Annual subscription for software

650 DKK

All prices are shown without VAT

Get control of your tools, machines and equipment with EquipmentView®

  • Overview of how many hours a tool or machine runs
  • Receive notification if the device is moving or driving outside your area
  • Find your tools and machines if they are stolen
  • Overview of all tools, machines and equipment on the same website
  • Up to 10 years of battery life
  • Robust and waterproof

Easily monitor your tools via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

With EquipmentView you also get access to a user-friendly online account, where you can follow the position of your belongings and set alarms and functions as needed. This allows you to safely entrust the monitoring of your belongings to EquipmentView.

Secure and flexible tracking - at a low price

By combining reliable GSM, GPS and RF technology, EquipmentView can track the position of your tools at any time - both outdoors and indoors.

Trusted by Agriculture & Industry



Lommy eye M, Lommy eye L, Lommy eye XL


M (55x52x21 mm), L (76x67x21), XL (80x54x37)


Yes (Depending on model)



Motion sensor

Yes (Depending on model)



Light sensor

Yes (Depending on model)


Yes (Depending on model)

RF Beacon

Yes (Depending on model)



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