Wireless temperature gauge for cereals, seeds, soil, potatoes, etc.


  • Antenna with connection everywhere.
  • Robust and waterproof electronics
  • Up to 10 years of battery life
  • 'Get started easily' course and

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Steel spear

  • Robust stainless steel spear
  • Practical handle
  • Multi-use

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  • Robust sensor
  • Waterproof

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Incl. antenna, battery, sim card, software update, data storage, support

StackView® consists of a wireless temperature gauge and an associated website. StackView® temperature gauge is without cumbersome wires or expensive base stations. StackView automatically and systematically measures the temperature and all measurements are documented on the StackViews® website with time and GPS position. The website is available on PC, Labtop and smartphone. The website is simple, clear and easy to use. Here you can easily create and change the name of a gauge. Furthermore, there are really good sorting options, so that gauges in a crop, hall or similar are displayed separately. If you have colleagues, customers and others with whom you want to share data from one or more gauges, you can simply write the new user's email. The system then creates an account for the new user and automatically sends a mail. Temperature capture times can be synchronized, so that several gauges measure the temperature at the same times of the day. If the gauge is moved or touched, the gauge immediately sends a temperature to the website and automatically again when the gauge has acclimatized to a new place. Alarms can be set up individually per gauge or copied to other gauges in a fleet. Typically, valuable alarms are maximum and minimum temperature.

StackView® temp

550 EUR

StackView® hutemp

610 EUR

StackView® cable temp

580 EUR

StackView® cable hutemp

645 EUR

Annual subscription for software *

120 EUR

All prices are shown without VAT

* Annual subscription for software is valid regardless of variant

Preserve crops value and optimize the operation with StackView®

“StackView is a great invention. With StackView I can check the temperature of the potatoes every single day. Had my potatoes not had StackView® in, I would not have noticed the temperature rise. My potatoes had a value of approx. 3,400 EUR. I have invested EUR 1,200 in StackView.”

– Allan Koch, Landmand

Easily monitor the temperature of crops via desktop, tablet or smartphone

Ensure optimal cooling and measure the temperature of crops in different places. All temperature measurements are saved and you get a warning on your PC, tablet or smartphone, if the ideal temperature is exceeded.

Wide coverage

Stackview is equipped with an antenna and a new amplifier that provides five times better coverage. This ensures that the farmer is constantly in control of the temperature in the grain.

Trusted by Agriculture & Industry





StackView incl. antenna, battery, sim card, update of software, data storage and support


1500 mm


Stainless steel

Suitable for crop

Barley, Beans, Rapeseed, Corn, Cereals, Hay, Lentils, Oats, Other, Peas, Rice, Rye, Silage, Soybeans, Wheat, Hay

Suitable for organic farming


Surface treatment


Temperature range

-40 - +120 ° C


+/- 2 ° C


1 kg

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