Marking of silo

Marking of silo

If anything other than conceptual cultivation of the cereal in question is stored in the cereal warehouse, there must be a secure separation so that mixing is avoided. Silo (s) with concept breeding should in that case be marked with a sign, so that there is no risk of errors in delivery.


  • Make an agreement with a company about insect control
  • Keep gates closed to keep birds, cats and other pets out
  • Check the stock for insects regularly throughout the storage period. Inspection for grain beetles can be done by filling a grain sample in a clear plastic bag and placing it on a hot radiator. Possibly after a short time insects gather in the top of the bag
  • Insects thrive best in hot conditions, so it is important to cool and dry the grain quickly.
  • Attached to the folder is a sign that can be set up on the silo
  • Several signs can be printed at
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