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Why is it necessary to keep a logbook?

To monitor the quality of the grain, a logbook must be maintained for temperature and moisture content during the drying and storage of the grain. Water and temperature measurements should be taken once a week until the grain is storage-ready according to Figure 1. After that, measurements should be taken once a month. The logbook can be kept in either paper or electronic format. 

Electronically, StackView® is a useful tool where the spear is named with halberd, silo, crop, and, for example, harvest year. The spear's position, timing for daily temperature monitoring, and documentation for physical control are valuable features that are automatically recorded in StackView.


If you leave StackView in the same place in the warehouse, you can write the logbook directly from StackView®. Then it is easy to see and document the development over the storage period.

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