Wireless temperature measurement of crops and potatoes.

Man standing, holding StackView device

Wireless temperature measurement of crops and potatoes.

Changes in temperature are important for stored crops and can affect the quality and quantity of the crops regardless of the type of crop. 

It is something that Alexander Hoeg is aware of, as he daily monitors digital, the temperature of the crops with.

Alexander Hoeg has worked at Frijsenborg Goods for 8 years and is responsible for the potatoes and ensuring that crops have the right temperature. In 2021 they invested in StackView and have used it a lot for measuring potatoes.

According to Alexander, before StackView, the farm did not have anything to check the temperature of the potatoes. However, with StackView, they can now measure the temperature in their warehouse in Djursland as well as in the fields. This allows them to ensure that the potatoes are increased to the perfect temperature.

What is StackView & how does it work? 

StackView In simple terms, StackView is a tool for measuring temperature. StackView probes are inserted into crops and silos, and the accompanying software can be installed on your PC or mobile phone to send an alarm if the temperature in one of the storage or fields goes above a certain degree. That means that Alexander and his team can be alerted if there's a problem with the temperature, allowing them to take immediate action to fix it, ensuring that their potatoes are increased to the highest quality.

Overall, StackvView has been a good investment for Frijensenborg Goods and their farmers. In that way they can ensure that they are providing the highest quality product to their costumer.

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