Drying and cooling of grain

Rapid cooling and drying of the grain is important

Rapid cooling and drying of the grain is important to prevent the growth of storage fungi and make the grain stock-stable. When grain is stored with a high water percentage and / or a high temperature, the growth of the stock fungi is stimulated. As part of their life cycle, the fungi form toxins, which can pose a significant health risk to the consumer if they occur in the food. In addition to the increased risk of storage fungi, the kernels lose weight the higher the temperature is and

if the temperature in the grain, for example, is 11 ºC, the grain must be dried down to 14-15% water to be stock-stable.

Water content of the grain lies by, as the kernels breathe and give off heat. In order to reduce the risk of developing toxins and maintain a high quality, it is very important that the grain is dried and cooled to storage firmness immediately after harvest. Dry grain is not in itself a guarantee that the grain is stock-stable. The grain must also be cooled.

StackView is an effective wireless temperature and humidity measuring tool that helps measure the temperature and humidity of crops and silos. The accompanying software can be installed on a PC or mobile phone to send an alarm if the temperature in one of the storage facilities or fields exceeds a certain degree. Through real-time tracking, StackView can help optimize drying and purchasing processes to ensure that the quality of the grain is not compromised. 




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